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Getting Started with PBL

Step-by-step, set yourself up for project success. Designed by a PBL expert, this is the approach to project design that creates rigorous and engaging projects for your students in any subject, any grade level, and in any school setting.

The PBL Expert

Dr. Jenny Pieratt is an international expert on Project Based Learning and  the founder of CraftED Curriculum. Previously Jenny was a veteran classroom teacher at the world-renowned High Tech High; she is also a former School Development Coach for New Tech Network and National Faculty at Buck Institute for Education. Jenny is the Founder of CraftED and continues to oversee all operations of the business in her capacity as President, while remaining active in fieldwork via  onsite and virtual PBL coaching and consulting to administrators and teachers across the US and abroad. Jenny has studied teaching and learning theory extensively; she holds a PhD in Educational Philosophy, with an emphasis in PBL, from the Claremont Colleges. She is an accomplished author and sought-after speaker on the topic of PBL. To learn more about her work visit or check her out on social media @crafted_jennypieratt


Project-Based Learning Teacher Certificate 

This course consists of content from my "PBL 1.0" and "Assessment 2.0" workshops, and focuses on the creation of one high quality project- walking you through each of the phases of project-based learning so you have a process you can follow each and every time with your students. This course aligns with Dr. Pieratt's award winning book "Keep it Real with PBL", and now includes an entire module on virtual learning, as well!

I created this online course because I understand the life of a busy teacher, real challenges that teachers face, and how adults learn best. And I want to make it easier for any teacher at any grade level to implement project-based learning or PBL-lite. 

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Here's What You'll Receive In This Course:

Learn you way, your time

Designed for the busy teacher, this course is easy to follow along, access on the go, and hop in and out. The course takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete with an assessment to prove completion at the end. Teachers are encouraged to follow along with the steps outlined in each module-creating a built-out project as the deliverable. 

Practical tips and tools

Designed by a PBL expert in the field you are sure to walk away with everything you need to get started with project-based learning. This course includes 5 modules and 5 additional bonus modules (topics range from virtual learning and PBL-lite, to leading PBL) filled with instructional video, written text, downloads and additional resource links. 

Popular best practices

This course includes must-have basics of doing PBL, as used by thousands of educators around the world, trained by Dr. Pieratt. Best practices related to standards and assessment are embedded throughout the course, with bonus content related to differentiation and virtual learning best practices. 

"I purchased this course yesterday and ended up completing it last night -- Had a night to myself and was on a role --- The way Jenny broke it up made it so easy to just keep moving forward. It was so helpful! I'm so glad I did this! "

Jana Scott
Elementary Teacher

"The PBL Certificate was a great course! I intend to continually refer back to the lesson modules as I create, modify and improve my own classroom PBL projects. Very worthwhile investment for such a useful resource and PD. "

Asencion Reyes
Seconday Teacher

"Jenny’s passion for developing professional learning opportunities that not only push your thinking and growth, but also empowering and inspiring, are contagious. I am a big advocate on starting with the “learner”, and moving backwards from there, and Jenny has shown a commitment to make that a focus in the experiences she is creating for those that she serves."

George Couros
Author Innovator’s Mindset

"I participated in the PBL Certificate e-course and fell in love! Not only does it make PBL accessible and clear, it takes you step by step through the process of creating a PBL project. Furthermore, it offers many resources that are online and from Jenny Pieratt herself. What really sold me was her involvement in the e-course! It is not just a curriculum that you skip through, she is attentive to comments or concerns and answers any questions you may have! The course feels like taking a one-on-one class with her. I feel much more equipped and prepared to tackle PBL in my classroom!"

Daisy Calderón
4th grade teacher, CA

"Jenny's PBL course is phenomenal! As an exceptional children's teacher, I truly loved that she addressed multiple approaches that encompass the whole child and not just the average learner. I'm a true believer in the growth mindset PBL promotes in schools and this program is everything you need to get the ball rolling! The opportunities for success are endless and these lessons break down each phase of learning with a direct and meaningful purpose."

Holly Navo
Exceptional Children Teacher, NC

"I am Assistant Professor of Education at a university, and I teach a course about PBL. Jenny’s PBL Certification training was a great way for me to stay up to date on the topic of PBL so that I can teach pre-service teachers about this approach. The format and modules were user-friendly and provided relevant information and also many examples!"

Brittany Straub
University Professor, Education

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